Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: Bracelets

Vintage Gold Bangles from the 70's from rubyroux

All of a sudden, I'm into bracelets. I've been on the hunt for bangles and bracelets of different materials and textures to layer up, now that spring and short sleeves are just around the corner! Jewelry is a simple and ever-changing way to create new and exciting outfits. Plus, if you're like me and on a budget, the right finds can really amp up your basic tees and dresses. If you're out shopping, try hitting up thrift stores. If you're like me and shop from the comfort of your couch, get into the vintage section of Etsy. It has some one of a kind pieces at really incredible prices!

Another vintage 70's Boho Chic Bangle from beatyboutique

Love the crispness of this vintage Solid Ivory Bangle from theCollectedCollage

 This Tan Sailors Knot Bracelet from mysticknotwork is simple,
but perfect for layering with gold or leather for a cool, relaxed look

My favorite - A Teal Blue Geometric Gold Leaf Bangle from RosellaResin.
A perfect accent piece to go with anything from a tee and jeans to a little black dress 

Also, we have a brand new look! I have decided to integrate my Etsy shop with this blog to try and allow the two to work together rather than being completely separate entities.

I've also changed the layout so that it is simpler and so photos can be larger. What do you guys think? 

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