Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wishful Wednesday: For the home

We have now been in California, married, and living together for about 6-7 months, and just now am I feeling like we are settled into our home! Living 3,000 miles and with a 3 hour time difference from our family's homes, I have been really yearning to get unique pieces to make our house (aka tiny apartment) our home. Here are some things I'm wishing for from Etsy this week:

We love our beer, and I love this Beer four color screen print from Man vs Ink, based in Portland.

Now that we are close to obtaining residency for the state of California and for in-state tuition purposes, I've been obsessed with everything California! Especially this felt California State Pillow from lovecalifornia.

One of Kyle's favorite snacks are pomegranates, but I prefer to just collect pomegranate themed things, like this Pomegranate Tree Cushion from Roddy and Ginger.

Large knit is in! This Super Chunky Knit Lumbar Pillow looks so soft and is the perfect size throw pillow! From danasjoy.

This poster has been popping up everywhere, but even better is it as a wall decal from derder.

And yes, another pillow. I can't get enough of them (we sleep with at least 5)!

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