Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DIY Design Your Life

As I was perusing my usual blogs a few weeks ago, I happened upon Makeunder My Life. The lovely Jess is such an inspiration, with her own successful jewelry line and consulting business! She has a feature called DIY Design Your Life, where you post a few intentions for your life and how you will bring those to reality. Check out the DIY DYL project here. I've been thinking about mine for a week now, and finally have settled on five..

1. Push myself. I know I have tons of potential. I know what I'm good at: making things, styling things, networking with people, writing, conceptualizing. I just often let my fears of being unsuccessful stop me from even getting started. And it's not even fear of being unsuccessful as much as a fear of being uncomfortable. I need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable! Today I am reclaiming my life and starting to stand up against those fears and living for myself. (Next step is really narrowing down what I want to do... I'm always dabbling in too many things at once.)

2. Do what I love. If you follow my blog, you already know that this is a big thing for me. I don't want a normal 9-5. I love color and photography and creating and making jewelry and drawing just to be able to share it with the world. There can never be enough beautiful indulgent things in the world.

3. Read. Not only for leisure but for learning. Now that I'm not in school it's been hard for me to get into books about art theory and anything other than books that are on my summer pleasure reading list. I need to convince Kyle that we need to subscribe to an art periodical, or else I need to sneak into the campus library to read theirs.

4. Love more. Of course I love Kyle as much as I can everyday, but I am always working at being the best wife I can be. (We've been married for 10 months!) I also want to love my family and friends more. Being on the west coast when everyone I know is back east, too often do I forget that a simple text, phone call, or letter can make someone's day. I want to nurture my new friendships here and I want to make it a priority to visit friends and family that aren't here.

Our typical morning.

5. Enjoy the present. I constantly look towards the future, so much that I forget to be thankful for what I have here and now.

And on that note, the here and now is the best time to start living. What are your intentions for your own life?


Laura said...

This is such a great idea, Rachelle. I've already started coming up with my own list.

Allen said...

I love this post...your best one yet.

I'm proud of you and love you.

Miss you guys.

Shannon said...

You are so wonderful, this is a beautiful idea and a stellar list.

Jess LC said...

What a beautiful DIY DYL! Thank you so much for sharing your intentions with us all! I am totally on board with your intention to get more comfortable with the uncomfortable. I've been feeling that way for the past few weeks now and it's been a pretty crazy ride - but mostly a good one! Keep taking those steps to get outside your comfort zone, it will lead you further than you imagine!

C-Cat said...

Aw. I love you Rachelle!